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Identification of Invasive and Non-Native Species – VMT Accredited

~1.0 Day(s)
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A one day introduction to the Identification of Invasive and Non-Native Species in the UK is accredited by VMT Ltd. Our resident Professional Tree Inspection instructor, has a Level 4 Diploma in Arboriculture to supplement a career spanning the last 20 years in Arboriculture, plant healthcare and woodland management work, leads our Injurious and Invasive Species (UK) course.


Invasive non-native species, sometimes known as invasive alien species, are one of the top threats to global biodiversity. In the United Kingdom they harm the environment and native wildlife, cost the economy almost £2bn a year and can even harm our health. (Animal and Plant Health Agency, September 2023).

As such it is key for landbased operatives to have the knowledge and skills to both identify species and understand the responsibilities and methods required for dealing with them. 

This one day course gives an introduction to key species, their impact and the responsibilities that contractors have when they come across them.


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Course Specific Notes

Whilst this classroom is classroom based, there will be a field based outing to look at potential INNS sites. Please come equipped with sturdy shoes and suitable clothing.