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Water Awareness Training Level 1 and 2

~2.0 Day(s)
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Our Water Awareness courses are built around a modular framework, enabling employers to construct relevant and bespoke water safety training programmes by selecting modules most suited to their operational and individual needs. We comply with the Department of Environmental and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) guidelines. We work to ensure safety for industries working in or near water. All of our courses are facilitated by an experienced operator in the field of water safety and rescue. We provide water safety courses nationally and through our experience of working in rescue and sudden water situations we always have the most up to date methods available. All of our courses can be tailored to the customer’s specific operational requirements and meet national standards


The programme starts with Module 1, which provides the theoretical understanding for more advanced modules in water awareness safety.

Module 2 is Specific Modules cover hazards associated with flood, beach, river and still water as well as basic rescue techniques. The flood module meets DEFRA standards (Module 1 Water Awareness). For anyone requiring more advanced rescue skills, the In-Water Rescue Module covers essential in-water rescue knowledge and tests competency.

VMT has developed our training to provide a flexible occupational water safety management training solution for a wide range of employers who require their workforce to operate safely in or near water.

VMT Water Awareness courses are a key in helping employers meet their civil and statutory water safety management obligations, especially where employees have supervisory responsibilities in or near water. Many people working near the water margins receive minimal or no water safety training due to water safety training often taking a back seat compared to more traditional and recognised health and safety training. Through consultation with industry and lead bodies, VMT has identified this gap in water safety training provision, improving water safety across a wide range of working environments and operational sectors.

Our training centre is a 300m purpose built controlled course. Where three pumps control the flow of water down the creating a white-water environment allowing the centre to alter the course’s difficulty and the skill levels required for every rescue situation.

The centre building has changing rooms and showering facilities, a cafeteria and a lift. It has ample onsite parking for customers and is wheelchair accessible throughout.

Water Training is bespoke to your training needs, please contact us on to request availability.


Please contact us to discuss your requirements

Course Specific Notes

Important Information:

Equipment required and information related to lunches will be sent to the booker by email 14 days before the course is to begin or as soon as possible if within 7 days.

All VMT training is non-transferable and non-refundable.

Your email will contain directions to the course site, will specify if lunch is provided and any dietary requirements, and the equipment that may be required.

Your booking confirmation email only serves to confirm your booking and payment and the date and timings of your course.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.

VENUE: Course held at a West Midlands venue. Venue's may vary and as such we will confirm the exact details and location upon receiving your booking and in advance of the event. We will contact the Booker with the venue details and any further details such as arrival information.