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Did you know that you can download your Lanta skills cards directly to your phone?

Every year Lantra provide thousands of plastic skills cards that fill up your wallet, in a bid to reduce waste and provide a more environmentally conscious and convenient alternative, skills cards can be downloaded for free from the Lantra Online Learner Hub and stored in your Apple Wallett or PassWallet for Android.

Why choose digital?

  • Convenience – Digital e-cards and e-learnig can be accessed on your smartphone, tablet or laptop, so it’s much quicker and easier to download and show them when visiting work sites.
  • Regognised by Industry – The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) are one of the major organisations who recognise both physical and digital e-certificates and e-cards, so there is no need to worry about validity.
  • Sustainability – We are committed to reducing our Carbon footprint. We’re moving to digital to ultimately help reduce the use of plastic and paper. Hard copies will only be available for a limited time whilst Lantra transition to fully digital.

How does it work?

  • When you have completed a Lantra training course or qualification, you will be issued with e-certificate, which will be automatically uploaded to your account.
  • This should be with you within two weeks of completing your course. If you don’t receive it, please contact your training Provider directly.
  • Your e-cards will be available to download for free to your chosen wallet app. You can then digitally display your e-card at work sites.
  • Each time you complete a new course or qualification, your e-card(s) will automatically be updated in the Hub.

For full details of how to register with the Learner hub, take a look at the Lantra Learner hub guide.

Learner Hub – Lantra

What does this mean?

From April 1st 2024 we will no longer be routinely issuing paper certificates and plastic skills cards. Learners already receive ecertificates and can access all of their skill cards and certificates from the past 5 years or so via the learner hub. Plastic skills cards will still be valid but we will not be issuing new ones.

It also means that you won’t have a bulging wallet that can get lost, you’ll have quick access to your cards and you’ll be able to supply evidence of your qualifications in just a couple of easy clicks.

We realise that there may be concerns with this move so if you have any question regarding the Learner Hub or e-cards or e-certificates, please contact the Lantra Customer Service Team on 02476 696996 email [email protected] or visit www.lantra Alternatively, as always, give the VMT a call or email on 03330 151152 [email protected]. We’re here to help.