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VMT are please to be able to work with experienced instructor and lecturer, Thomas Cavanagh, to offer a VMT accredited 1 day introductory course for Woodland Management  for conservation. With a background in Countryside Management, Thomas has extensive theoretical and practical knowledge to enable you to gain the basic knowledge of management techniques, allowing you to manage small woodlands for nature conservation.

Content covered will include

  • What is Woodland/Forest
  • History of British Woodlands and the Forestry sector (Silviculture, grazed woodlands, pollarding, coppice, ancient woodland …)
  • Woodland layers, structures and biodiversity (Vertical, horizontal, dead wood, boundaries …)
  • Ecological succession (Rock to woodland)
  • Importance of woodland indicators (Semi ancient woodland, National Vegetation Classification)
  • Various woodland intervention techniques (Thinning, rides, planting, ponds, natural regeneration, creating open spaces…)
  • Importance of woodland surveys (Need to know what you already have)
  • Management Plans (Objectives and aims for your woodland)

For further details and available dates, please call the office on 03330 151152 or email


Have you been looking to either get started or develop your skills within the Forestry Industry but can’t access the training needed? A new Forestry Training Fund is available now to cover training costs for short, practical forestry courses. Funding is available for people considering a change of career or seeking to build and diversify their skills in forestry and who want to undertake a forestry-related training course.

Approved training courses have been selected to support the training requirements needed in these areas and here at VMT we can guide you through the best routes to develop your skill set and get where you need to be. Navigating your way through the application may feel daunting, but we can give you all the information that you might need to complete the form, either online or on paper. As Lantra approved providers you can be assured of an industry recognised and accredited qualification along with our established reputation for looking after our clients.

So what are you waiting for?

To find out more just contact us at or call us on 03330 151152 or visit

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