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Level 2 Award in the Safe Operation of Pesticide Plug Equipment

~0.5 Day(s)
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This is a bolt on course to our Principles of the Safe Use and Application of Pesticides that allows for safe and effective use of pesticides Plugs.


Used properly pesticides plugs inhibit regrowth from felled trees and sawn bushes. The plug delivery system ensures that the pesticides are administered directly into the stump to prevent regrowth and spread.  Taught in conjunction with the Level 2 Award in the Safe us of Pesticides and Level 2 Award in Safe Application of Pesticide using Hand Held Equipment this is a bolt on module to reinforce your knowledge, understanding and ability in the application of pesticides using plug equipment. 

Our qualification assesses your knowledge, understanding, and skill in:

  • The regulations regarding the safe use of pesticides
  • Pesticide product information
  • Hazards and risks associated with pesticides
  • Personal safety when using pesticide plug equipment
  • The measures to deal with pesticide poisoning
  • Safe working practices
  • The requirements for protected areas
  • Environmental risks and protection of wildlife
  • How to deal with incidents
  • Factors to consider when using pesticides with hand held equipment.


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