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Native Arb personal first Aid kit (uk postage)

~1.0 Day(s)
From £58.95
Discover the best personal bleed kit available on the market. Compact, waterproof and practical with an outstanding durability. A potential life saver; carrying quality medical equipment specifically designed to be ‘fit for purpose’ in the event of a severe injury typical of those caused in forestry and arb environments. Get compliant with HSE; protect yourself and others.



Contents to include:

1 x C.A.T tourniquet

1 x 1 metre long Haemostatic Gauze

1 x Military Field Dressing 10 x 19cm

1 x Resuscitation-Aid

1 x Gloves (Pair)


Please contact us to discuss your requirements

Course Specific Notes

Please note that this cost includes postage Royal Mail 1st Class devlivery (signed for)